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Albemarle Psychological Services will continue to provide care during the pandemic. We know that during these trying times managing loneliness, stress, anxiety, and depression can be much more difficult. We have modified our office procedures to protect our patients and our staff. We ask everyone to call and reschedule their appointment if they are coughing, running a fever, or experiencing shortness of breath. We are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces multiple times per day. We are asking that you not bring other people with you to your appointment unless it is necessary so as to reduce the number of people in the waiting room. Dr. Allen and Dr. McGrogan have staggered their appointment times so there should be no one else in the waiting room with you. We are practicing social distancing and request that people remain 6 feet apart. If you would rather not be in the waiting room let us know and you can wait in your car. We will call or text you so that you can come directly into your psychologist’s office. If needed, telephone and face time appointments are available. We are giving scheduling priority to first responders, healthcare providers, and people who work in critical businesses. We know that people are concerned about finances and co-pays can be reduced for people who are unable to go to work.


Who We Are



We would like to welcome you to Albemarle Psychological Services, a full service psychological practice with offices in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Dr. Roger Allen and Dr. Catherine McGrogan have been in practice since 1982. Please give Tracy in our office a call at 252-338-8821 or email to or text to 252-340-2422.  She can provide you with more information about the doctors and the treatment they provide, insurance verification, and schedule an appointment.  


Dr. Roger Allen

I am a clinical psychologist with many years of experience treating a wide range of problems.

​I view myself as both a scientist and a caring practitioner. I completed a hospital internship, have taught psychology at universities, and have been in full-time private practice for 30 years. I frequently see patients who have been in treatment previously with little improvement. Careful diagnostic investigation often reveals an incomplete diagnosis and consequently the wrong treatment plan. A careful evaluation of your problems will be my first priority and we will jointly develop a treatment plan. I have extensive experience in the testing and treatment of childhood and adolescent disorders including ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Asperger's Disorder, Depression, Phobias and Anxiety Disorders. I have a special interest in working with teens and young adults who are having academic problems, difficulty finding a direction in life, or identity issues. 


Dr. Catherine McGrogan


I have been in full-time private practice as a clinical and counseling psychologist for over 30 years. I completed a hospital internship and have spent my career seeing not only patients with emotional disorders, but also patients with medical diagnoses such as chronic pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and morbid obesity. I have considerable experience with psychological testing and use tests to help patients' physicians and psychiatrists find the optimal psychotropic medications for their symptoms. I have been trained in traditional psychodynamic therapy but also employ a variety of treatment modalities including cognitive and behavioral therapies and family therapy. I have been married for 36 years and raised a family. This experience has deepened my understanding of child development. I have wide range experience treating child and adolescent disorders. I also enjoy treating the elderly due to their interesting life experiences. We have two offices for your convenience, and offer evening appointments. Our secretary will take your calls and answer your questions. We are experienced at securing insurance company approval for your treatment and filing your insurance. We are also approved providers for many Employee Assistance Plans. 




How is a Clinical Psychologist different from other mental health providers?

Dr. McGrogan and Dr. Allen both spent five years doing course work at the doctoral level in American Psychological Association approved clinical and counseling psychology training programs. These programs included supervised clinical practicums with patients at a psychology clinic each of those five years. They both also worked at the university counseling center. After completing their course work, they both completed American Psychological Association approved clinical internship for an additional year of supervised clinical training in both hospital and outpatient settings. After their internships they both completed independent research on problems in psychology and wrote doctoral dissertations that described that research. As clinical psychologists they have had extensive training in assessment, diagnosis, treatment, behavior change strategies, statistics, and research methods.

Clinical psychologist differ from licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and licensed professional counselors (IPC) in that these practitioners usually have masters degrees rather than doctorates and they are not trained in psychological assessment techniques. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who primarily treat mental health problems using medication. If your situation would also benefit from treatment with psychoactive medication, we will work with your primary care doctor to help them find a medication that will be beneficial for you or we will refer you to a psychiatrist for that service.




We accept a wide variety of health insurance plans and our office staff will work with you to understand the benefits of your plan and what your deductibles and copayments are.  With managed care plans we will take care of getting your sessions precertified.  Before your first appointment our office staff will check on your benefits so that you will know our best estimate of what your insurance plan will cover.  Below is a partial list of the plans that we have billed in the past.


MEDICARE and all Medicare supplement plans








 Dr. Allen and Dr. McGrogan are experienced in treating a wide array of issues and disorders, including: 


Bipolar Disorder  
Eating Disorders    
Mood Disorders    
Panic Disorders    
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder    
Learning Disabilities    
Asperger's Disorder
Sexual Abuse Recovery    
Stress Management    
Trauma Recovery    
Couples Counseling   

Family Counseling   

Grief Counseling   

Psychological Assessments